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New Fun Axe Throwing

May 06, 2019Axe Throwing
The new detachable ax throwing game still hot sale 399usd


399USD Inflatable Axe throwing for 2019 Carnival

Our new detachable bullseye axe throwing game ---Easy to tear open and replace!

Some customers don't understand why they want to do a detachable style Axe Games?

Two solutions when you want to trade a new Axe throwing! 

Double Side Fun Axe throwing and new AX

First, buy one again;  The second one only needs to buy the Velcro bullseye of the axe game!

For our axe fittings, the sponge axe has been tested with our various sponge velcro ax models then launch the new ax. The two styles can be selected: Red+ Black or Yellow+Black!

Compared with the previous axe, the quality of the product is the same, it is very easy to paste, and it is reliable!

The advantage is that the handle part of this axe will be softer and the experience will be better!

399usd Axe throwing Factory Price

We now have a Classic style, Double Axe Throwing, and Three-sided Throwing Axe Games. Welcome to the consult 2019 hottest carnival game!