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2018 Top 5 Popular Teambuilding Games

February 12, 2019YL
The 2018 inflatable outdoor sports-training project is coming soon! Do you know what are the most popular train projects? Inflatable Amusement Training Project is Coming!

Did you know the Magical Interesting sports -- not only let you get rid of the daily heavy work, but also let you completely abandon the pressure in the work, improve team spirit and enhance the cohesion of the team or enhance the relationship of the family!This is the meaning of outdoor Inflatable competition games for the team.

2018 Top5 Popular Team build train Games

Here we are will introduce 5 popular teambuilding games in 2018!

No.5: Inflatable Whack A Wall(Inflatable Batak)--fast action game

Inflatable Whack A Wall(Inflatable Batak)--fast action game
Each player from each team stands on the opposite side of the Inflatable Waka Wall. They have to try & push their blocks through while their opponent tries to push them back. The player with the least blocks striking out is the winner. It feels like a ninja can move instantly




No.4: Ant handling Games --Group movement


Ant handling Games --Group movement



A huge circle with 7-8 holes (various themes) is like the ants moving food quickly together, and it takes a short time to coordinate the pace of everyone to the destination, otherwise, it is difficult to move;




No.3: Inflatable Caterpillar pipe-- Bouncing frog

Inflatable Caterpillar pipe-- Bouncing frog

Sit on the caterpillar pipe and make a concerted effort to reach the endpoint in the shortest time to win. The rules are as Inflatable Jumping Sausages Games






No.2: Inflatable Tennis Racket-- Interactive game

Each huge tennis racket needs a 2-4 to player lift, takes the time to use the tennis racket to reach the ball to the finish line(Tips: The ball is easy to drop), or use rackets to hit the ball continuously bounce as required.




No.1: Inflatable Hockey Games--Grab the ball



It consists of four huge inflatable clubs and one ball. The game can be used immediately by 8 people. 4 clubs, 2 players per stick. By the Way, used TPU materials of the ball are better in the games! Best Teamwork to grab the ball and rush to the other area.